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BugAware Video Tours

Welcome to our video Tours of BugAware functionality. We hope these videos will help illustrate the ease of use, flexibility and some of the more advanced features of BugAware.
1. Creating and Editing Tasks
The basics of creating a new task, and updating a task.
2. Searching and Reporting
All fields in BugAware including custom fields can be used as search criteria. Saved searches can then be run as reports which can be further customized and exported to Excel.
3. Support Queues
Support Queues are a powerful feature that allows groups of users to share incoming tasks via the Support Queue Tab. This feature is designed for teams such as Help Desk staff who need to manage a shared queue of support requests.
4. Email Alerts
BugAware sends email alerts for task creation, updates and reassignment. With Email processing configured, users can even respond to BugAware emails and tasks will be updated with their comments.
5. Email Processing
BugAware can be configured to poll a mailbox and convert emails to incoming tasks. This feature is powerful when combined with support queues.
6. Projects and Custom Fields
BugAware is highly configurable. You can create any number of projects with multiple components, each with its own set of custom fields.
7. Task Attributes
All Task attributes are configurable. Different attributes and terminology can be configured per project or system wide.
8. Multi Lingual
BugAware supports English, French, Danish and Simplified Chinese. Additional languages can easily be added and uploaded into the system.