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What do our clients think?

"Let me start by saying this is just an outstanding product and once again, an outstanding price!"

- VP of Information Technology, Capture Resource, Inc.

"BugAware has been an incredible time saver for our IT department. No more tracking system requests with spreadsheets or emails! It has all the features we were looking for and more."

- NorthStar Capital Markets Services, Inc.

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What is BugAware?

  • It's Bug Tracking Software
  • Issue Tracking Software
  • Help Desk Software
  • It's FREE !
  • Easy to use
  • Web Based
  • Enterpise Wide Access
  • Highly Customizable
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Email Alerts
  • File Attachments
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Advanced Searching
  • Custom Fields
  • Role based security
  • Team Management
  • Help Desk support queues
  • Email processing
  • Cost effective
  • Much More...

  • Bug Tracking Software

    BugAware provides software developers with an easy way to track and submit bugs, defects and enhancements during the development and maintenance of software applications. Project Managers and team leaders can monitor and assign development tasks and report on all aspects of custom defined software projects. Every aspect of our bug tracking software is configurable, which allows you to model the application on your internal workflow and terminology. Developers can record the amount of time spent on development, contribute to a discussion thread between stakeholders and organize their development priorities.

    Issue tracking Software

    Implementations of BugAware are not restricted to bug tracking software for development teams. Every organization has a need to track internal issues and tasks including those of IT Desktop Support, Project Management, Team co-ordination and Administration. BugAware can be used whether an employee needs to report a desktop support issue with their email access or raise a bug against an internally built application. You can define user roles and restrict the access to team specific projects, and an external access form can be customized to provide your clients with an unrestricted way to submit requests directly into the system. Designed as fully web based software, our issue tracking software can be accessible via the internet or restricted to your internal corporate intranet.

    Help Desk Software

    BugAware provides help desk software features that allow teams of support staff to share a queue of incoming tasks. When clients email your support mailbox, BugAware can process and convert these into tasks which will instantly appear to your help desk support team. You can also create a web support form for clients to submit tasks without needing a BugAware account. BugAware will keep your clients notified of the progress of their requests and will enable your teams to keep on top of your help desk issues.

    What can it do?

    The priority of a BugAware task is easily recognized through a unique color-coded interface dynamically generated for each user. Email alerts help keep staff communication open, as users are instantly notified of changes to tasks. Tasks can also include file attachments, screenshots, time recording, user comments entered by stakeholders and system tracked changes to attributes.

    A dynamic search system provides a simple way to save custom reports and publish them in a printer friendly format, or export them for use in an Excel spreadsheet. Managers are able to view and organize the tasks assigned to their teams, giving them the ability to see exactly what is being done and what needs to be done. A Daily email summary alert can be configured to inform users of their top priorities.

    Every aspect of BugAware is configurable. Administrators can create and modify projects and components, custom fields, task types, task statuses and priorities including the colors used to represent the task's urgency. Complete multi-lingual support is provided and every phrase that is displayed in BugAware can be changed.

    BugAware is available to clients as a Hosted Software as a Service, and as installed bug tracking software. Jackal Software Pty Ltd are offering a Free online account including a 5 named user license.
      BugAware bug tracking software task list
    Task lists are sortable and clearly displayed. You can customize everything from task types to the colors which represent task urgency.

    Create dynamic reports of all bug tracking related issues
    Reports can be dynamically created from task search results.

    Search on all BugAware fields.
    Save your searches and execute them any time from a quick access menu.

    Edit tasks including software bugs and support issues
    Control Task access through user groups. Record a user discussion thread and track task changes.

    Configure all task attributes including type, status and priority
    Configure your task attributes to model your internal workflow and terminology.