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BugAware v7.0 Information Help Desk

Hosted or Installed?
We can host your bug tracking software instance for you and provide secure access via the internet over SSL. Your account is created instantly and you can use BugAware for free online. If you wish to host BugAware yourself, you can download the install version which is designed to run as a web application under IIS on a Windows Server with an MS SQL Server database.

Setup and Installation
BugAware is easy to setup but does require some basic server administration knowledge. As BugAware is web based bug tracking software, setting up the installed local version is best suited for your Network administrator.

System Requirements
BugAware is designed for use with Microsoft Windows Server (NT, 2000 & 2003). It is assumed that an IIS web server has been pre-configured and is ready to host the application.

BugAware is designed for use with Microsoft SQL Server. Previous editions of BugAware also included an MS Access stand-alone database. Due to Microsoft releasing a free SQL Server Express edition we have consolidated to a single version only.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between bug tracking, issue tracking and defect tracking software?
Essentially, they are the same thing in different contexts. BugAware can be used as bug tracking software to track bugs and enhancments in software development, defect tracking software for reporting defects in systems and products, or simply as issue tracking software used to track any type of issue from desktop support issues to project management related tasks. How you use BugAware is up to you, we provide a highly configurable solution that is designed to meet all of your tracking needs.

How do I attach files to a task?
Once a task has been created, you can attach files by clicking on the Attach File button in the File Attachments sections of the edit task screen. You can attach as many files as you wish, and can remove them by clicking on the [Remove] link next to a file attachment. If you attach a screenshot to a bug it will be automatically displayed in a new browser window when clicking on the image file.

For installed users running Windows 2003, you will need to modify MetaBase.xml to increase the default upload limit from 200KB to your desired limit.

1. Open up the iis manager and check the "enable direct metabase edit" option.
2. Edit the %Windows dir%\System 32\Inetsrv\MetaBase.xml file.
3. Change the AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed variable to your desired max upload size.

How do I delete tasks?
After a task has been closed, it can be deleted from the task history task view by simply changing the status of the task to "Delete". You will then be prompted to delete the task from the BugAware database.

How do I change the BugAware language from English?
You can set the language in BugAware by changing the language option on the Admin -> BugAware Configuration screen. If you wish to include a new language translation of BugAware, simply complete the language template and send it to us. Once verified, we'll include your new translation in BugAware for you.

How do I allow non BugAware users to submit bugs? E.g. our external clients.
BugAware provides an external access form that you can define from the Admin -> External Users screen. Once a form has been created, you can publish your external access url to your clients and they simply need to fill out the form and provide their contact details. A task will be automatically created and assigned appropriately.

Can I customize BugAware myself if I purchase the install version?
Yes, the complete source code of our bug tracking software is included with the install version, and you can modify it if you wish. We may be unable to support modified versions of BugAware, and encourage modifications to be sent to us or feature requests to be submitted directly for inclusion in future releases.

How do I restrict users from accessing certain systems or projects I have defined?
You can manage user access through the Admin -> Manage Roles screen. Create a user role and click on the Set System Access button. This will allow you to set which systems / projects and components a user role has access to.

How do I define custom fields and lists for a given system / project?
You can define custom fields globally on the Admin -> Systems / Projects screen. Click on the Default button to define your custom fields. If you wish to have specific custom fields for a system / project or component simply click on the Edit button located next to the desired system / project. You can also specify whether a component inherits the systems custom fields or global custom fields by clicking on the Inherit checkbox.

A user has left our organization, how do I migrate their tasks to another user?
You can use the Admin -> User Migration tool to move tasks that are owned by or assigned to users in bulk to another BugAware user.

How do I export my data to CSV to use in an application such as Excel?
You can export data from a BugAware report by clicking on the Export button on the report screen. A combination of BugAware advanced searching and reports is a powerful way to filter and sort the data that you wish to export.

The complete BugAware user guide and administration guide are provided below.
If you have any specific questions regarding BugAware functionality, please don't hesitate to contact us.

User Guides

BugAware bug tracking software user Guide

>> BugAware User Guide